Better Blogsite for Brooke

Yahoo for improved technology! You may have noticed the interface of my blog has changed a little. That’s because this is a  new program. The old one I used acted glitchy—often losing posts I had spent hours preparing because of the quirky upload system, which made the supposed-to-be-fun task of blogging a frustrating, sometimes agonizing job. So my husband/computer guru Kevin moved the whole shebang over here where hopefully we will all find easier navigation. Now you can browse the archives and peruse previous exploits, too.

Generally I plan to continue blogging the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month, but to celebrate my blog’s fresh layout and ease with which I can now add entries, I am going to write a short 2-week series called Brooke’s Cyber Expedition. Every other day I will add a new post with one current affairs update about my work. These bits and pieces of news will take you out into the www. to see aspects of my life, and maybe help you discover some intriguing new sites and subjects.

So, buckle up. Er, no… that’s car racing. I meant to say, click the RSS “Follow Brooke’s Blog” feed button and join our upcoming adventures.

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