Brooke’s Cyber Expedition: Building Our Airplane N111VX

You have followed my journeys by land and by sea but I’ve also had memorable experiences aloft. That’s because my husband Kevin and I both have our pilots’ licenses and together we built an airplane. Yes, built.

working on a fuselage window in our living room

Our Velocity Elite LWFG took us 3.5 years from kit to completion and even though it’s classified as “experimental” (not built by an aircraft manufacturer), we strived to meet as many certified specs as possible. We named it Deception because of its unique paint design by renowned airbrush artist Larry Vela, which helped the airplane land several awards and magazine covers.

flying over Florida for Sport Aviation magazine

With a canard in front and engine in back, it travels at about 180mph (155kts) and carries up to four people—perfect for going places. We have winged friends to many Arizona cities as well as Las Vegas and California. And Kevin and I have flown cross-country to the likes of Florida and Vermont. 
Kevin chronicled the aviation adventure and, since we are placing our plane in the auction at Osh Kosh this summer in Wisconsin, I thought it might be fun to share with you before it’s sold. So, to wrap up Brooke’s Cyber Expedition, click to see more photos of the exotic fiberglass bird that—since 2003—has carried us, not by land nor sea but by air:

I hope you enjoyed these last two weeks of posts. Let me know if I should do more series. We’ll get back to our regularly scheduled programming, I mean blogging, on Friday, June 25th. See you then!

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