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author-illustrator Brooke Bessesen

As a naturalist, Brooke studies vital biomes and the unique animal species that inhabit them. Her restless spirit takes her traveling as often as possible to work with wildlife and support conservation research. Also an award-winning children’s book author and illustrator, she has a sincere passion for connecting with readers of all ages. Brooke shares many of her writing and animal experiences here in her blog, so if you like unique armchair adventures, join her here for a peek into her special world of words and wildlife. Hit the RSS “follow this blog” button for hassle-free updates. Or “like” her on Facebook.

Brooke is the author-illustrator of Look Who Lives in the Ocean! and Look Who Lives in the Desert! She also authored Zachary Z. Packrat and His Amazing Collections, which was illustrated by the nationally syndicated cartoonist, Jenny Campbell. Learn more about Brooke’s work at www.brookebessesen.com.







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