Letting Go

When I was a young girl, my mother wrote a beautiful poem.  It was a bold, stirring tribute to my coming of age and her words honored our bond even as she fastened wings that would let me fly. Rediscovering the poem many months ago, I slipped it into my blog folder. I was hoping to share it with you someday. It says so much about my mom. About love.  

Mom lost her cherished partner of sixteen years to cancer last week. I have only just returned from the trip that saw his passing—days of hand-holding, tears, whispered prayers. The pain of my mother’s loss still raw, I opened the blog folder today and stumbled upon this … her poem. The serendipity could not be overlooked. It’s time. 

Letting Go by Barbara Bessesen 

My heart – your heart

My life – yours

Woven mysteriously

Who be warp or woof

Intrinsically connected

From beginnings long ago

Now leaning towards

Pathways walked

Alone or arm in arm

Young, strong knight

Beckons toward the moon

I yield

Heartstrings tight

Stars to grasp

Reach high

This beauty emerging

From a child’s cacoon –

Or crumbling walls that kept

the world at bay

Tender flesh of my own




Soon to be

That golden butterfly

Sending kisses to my soul. 

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