Launch of Authors for Earth Day Website

I hope you celebrated Earth Day on Wednesday (April 22nd). I did! I enjoyed a special author school visit at Kyrene de los Cerritos in Phoenix, Arizona. All of us—students, teachers and I—were dressed in green and blue. Signs decorated the library and we all had a wonderful time talking about books, wildlife and the importance of caring for this beautiful planet. The kids were given the chance to vote for which organization should receive the my donated speaking fee and The Ocean Conservancy won, so a contribution was sent to help that group’s important conservation efforts( . Thanks, Cerritos, for a truly fantastic day!

And another super exciting event occurred this week, which will take these Earth Day author visits to a whole new level. I have been working all year with help from my husband Kevin to prepare and launch a new website called Authors for Earth Day. It’s designed to support a coalition of children’s authors and illustrators who will make April 22, 2010 a day to remember in classrooms across the country. Check it out:

If you are looking for new ways to take a personal stand against climate change, here’s a fun food facts sheet about eating “green”:

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