BROOKE’S TRAVEL TIPS: Wear a Wrist Wallet

As I prepare for my July departure to Costa Rica, the floor is a colorful sea of clothes and supplies awaiting the duffle. Perhaps you too are packing for a summer adventure. After all, this is the season for family vacations, visits hither and thither, and once-in-a-lifetime tours to far away lands. 

So this week, I’m offering a special series with  travel tips. Each day I will give you an idea to consider—a suggestion that comes from my own personal experience—which will hopefully make your journey that much better. 

TRAVEL TIP #1: Carry cash, credit cards and ID in a wrist wallet. 

I switched to a wrist wallet a few years ago while traveling alone in a developing nation. It works wonderfully! I never worry for the safety of my money. There are several companies that make them, but the one I use (and love!) is the Sprig’s Banjees Wrist Wallet available at REI in an array of colors. It is convenient, comfortable and inconspicuous—even when it’s not hidden beneath your shirt sleeve, nobody will guess it has money inside.

By the way, if you are traveling abroad, it’s also a good idea to carry a color copy of your passport in your wrist wallet. If the real one somehow disappears, you can use the photocopy to seek help at the embassy.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s tip, which will keep you feeling great on the road.

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