Ahhh… Time to Catch My Breath

book signing at Gridley's of Fountain Hills

You may have wondered if while tromping somewhere around this gorgeous globe, I made some foolish misstep and plumb FELL OFF! No. I’m here—alive and well—it was just such a tremendously busy springtime! If you’ve taken a peek at my calendar lately you know I’m not exaggerating. I’ve been traveling a lot and meeting gobs of interesting people at talks, signings and school visits.

What an exciting time! My newest children’s book, Look Who Lives in the Ocean! is finding its way into bookstores and aquariums in more and more cities and is, much to my delight, being well-received. There is no sweeter reward for an author-illustrator than to have people enjoy and appreciate your words and pictures.

However, truth be told, my brain got a little muddled from all the to and fro. And although I fell into bed happily exhausted every night, I ultimately had to give a few things up until my schedule slowed down. I decided better my blog than my mind.

But now as I slip into the mellow yellow of summer, I’m employing time and memory to add several back-posts for your reading pleasure. Many are blogs I started and finally found time to finish and post. They share highlights of the last months—including my trip to Colorado, Earth Day and details of a spectacular whale watching trip out of Santa Barbara. Those postings should fill in the gap and catch you up nicely. Just scroll down the main page to read the new entries. And thanks for not giving up on me.

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