New Book Coming Soon… Look Who Lives in the Ocean!

I am often asked what inspires me to write. If you have read some of my blog entries you surely have a ripening notion.  But why write children’s books? Well, I am not the only person who is fascinated with wildlife and yearns to explore the natural world; I am not alone holding sea turtles and other amazing oceanic nomads near to the heart. Kids love animals! But, hey, so do a lot of grown-ups. And since people of ALL ages are enjoy the fun and fancy of picture books, they are a universal medium for me to share my love of animals and adventure with other animal and adventure lovers.

It sounds like a one-way transfer of words—writer to reader—but it’s not. It’s a more symbiotic relationship; we must support one another to thrive. I write books for you and, if inspired, you tell people the books are appealing and worth reading which, in turn, allows me to write more books. So it is with tremendous thanks to readers, teachers and librarians who enjoyed and recommended my first book Look Who Lives in the Desert! and who encouraged me to write more about wildlife in distinctive habitats, that I offer this sneak peek at the sea turtle spread of my soon-to-be-released children’s book Look Who Lives in the Ocean!

Like the desert book, it has 21 animals and presents each one using four elements: 1. rhyming prose (humorous but non-fiction), 2. a silly illustration (with wacky tidbits for readers to find), 3. a facts bar (to stretch the brain), and 4. a photograph (so you can see the real animal). Young children (1-6) are drawn by the vibrant colors and lilt of the rhyme. Older kids (7-13) really get into the scientific facts and the twists of humor in both prose and art. Even adults learn and laugh!

If you are curious about the artwork, the illustrations start as pencil drawings, and then are digitally colored with photographed fabrics. By presenting the facts in such a whimsical package, readers may have an easier time relating to the animals and remembering what they’ve learned.

I hope you find Look Who Lives in the Ocean! a fresh catch… engaging and full of fun! And—if you do—please take a moment to tell me (and a friend). After all, I can only write books with your support. Happy reading! (The book will be in bookstores by March 1st. You can pre-order it through or your local bookshop. ISBN 978-1-932082-82-1)

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