My Poem: Tree of Life

While hiking in the heart of the rainforest I scribed this poem, inspired by an enormous zapatero tree.

                                        Tree of Life

                                You stand growing thick

                                with wisdom as history swirls

                                the breeze like a magician,

                                turning saplings to trees

                                at your knees. Your sculpted

                                arms seek both high and low

                                to offer passage and rest.

                                To hold the sky to the world.

                                 Blue to green.

                                 Heaven to Earth.

                                 A ladder to the stars.

                                 I see the footprints

                                 of fairies, hear the whispers

                                 of spirits, whose frames paused

                                 at your feet and melted

                                 back to terra.

                                 You lifted their pain and worries.

                                 Threw them back to the sun.

                                 Fed them to the rain

                                 spilling like tears.

                                 You have seen the beginning;

                                 is the end too near?

                                         -Brooke Bessesen, 2008

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