More Animals of Costa Rica

When wanderlust takes my hand and we skip off together to find some precious slice of wilderness with incredibly interesting animals, I think many people imagine me slipping through an inconspicuous hole in the universe, taking secret passageway to a secret hideout. And on some psychological level I probably do. However, the places I go are real. You can go there, too!

four Howler monkeys

It’s easy to get ensnared in the minutia of life and forget the world beyond our daily borders—a world that is at once enormous and very, very small. So today I am taking you to see some of the animals of Costa Rica. To remind you what’s out there. But for this to be a stimulating mental journey and not simply a pictorial exhibit, I ask that you look past the photos as flat representations of life in the rainforest. I implore you to take time with each image and visualize the animals as they really are: alive, thinking, moving, free to go when and where they please…

Greater egret

White-nosed coati

In the jungle, such beautiful beings often appear suddenly and, fumbling to grab my camera, I attempt to capture a sliver of time, a face, an expression, a peek into their minds before the they disappear back into the hinterland…

Emerald toucanet

It’s important that you imagine the moments before each photograph was taken. And consider the moments after. Then, string those moments together, like film in a projector, and see the creatures come to life…

Three-toed sloth

Baird's tapir

Mole cricket

Animals are not mere ideas, television characters or illustrations in a book. From the tiniest insect to the most spectacular of species—panda bears, elephants, wolves, kangaroos and dolphins—they are out in the world living rich interesting lives, just as we are…

White-faced capuchinBrown pelicans

Olive Ridley sea turtle hatchling

They are eating and learning, working and problem solving. They are aging—young to old. They have personalities. Indeed, many are involved in intimate, binding relationships, challenged to find their place in a complicated social structure…

Blue and gold macaw

tree frog

Peacock banded butterfly

Secret passageway? Secret hideout? No. The natural world is waiting for all who seek and these marvels of biology, these wondrous gifts of creation, can be witnessed by any with open and willing eyes…

Chestnut-mandibled toucan


Animals are true compatriots on this spinning blue marble called Earth. May your heart soar in the knowledge that we are not alone.

Squirrel monkey

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